Headlines: August 6th, 2001

Futuristic predictions of a work revolution – with the commute to the office replaced by people working flexibly from home using high tech links – have so far failed to materialise, according to the TUC.In a study using Government statistics the organisation has found that home computers are more likely to be used by workers taking extra work home with them after the working day has finished than by a teleworker.

Or employers and the self-employed use them as a cheap base, for jobs based largely on the road.

The TUC says that far from being a tool to produce a good work life balance, they have become an acceptable way of asking workers to increase their hours.

The report argues that, already working the longest office hours in Europe, UK workers are also more prone to work extra at home. One in five UK workers takes work home with them, compared with an average of one in fourteen across the rest of Europe.

The TUC blames the failure of true teleworking taking off on a lack of trust by employers.

Link: www.tuc.org.uk/work_life/tuc-3504-f0.cfm