Headlines: August 8th, 2001

The Ministry of Defence has signed a contract to provide a potential user base of 17,000 military and civilian personnel with BT’s Airwave digital radio communications service. The Airwave service features include secure communications by eliminating the problem of unauthorised scanning, digital voice quality, guaranteed coverage using the digital terrestrial trunked radio standard, and automatic vehicle and person location systems.The agreement allows potential users to contract the service for up to ten years by purchasing Airwave ‘off the shelf’ using a catalogue of MoD approved suppliers. This avoids a lengthy procurement process.

All police forces in the UK are due to have BT Airwave in operation by 2005. Fire and ambulance services are also progressively taking up the service. In a move to allow greater joined up communication, the Department of Trade and Industry has recently approved the extension of the service to NHS Primary Care Groups and Primary Care Trusts so that community nursing teams, district nurses, midwives, psychiatric nurses, GPs and social services staff can communicate with each other.

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