Headlines: August 8th, 2001

The second year of the police recruitment advertising campaign, designed by M and C Saatchi, has been launched with TV advertising featuring international boxer Lennox Lewis. A key aim of the campaign is to attract high quality female and ethnic minority potential recruits from minority ethnic and female audiences so that the Police Service better reflects the community it serves. Improving the diversity of the Service is a vital part
of planned police reform.

In the first year of the campaign the proportion of expressions of interest received from minority ethnic candidates was 4.3 per cent and 27 per cent from women. This is an increase on current representation in the Service in these areas which is 2.4 per cent and 17 per cent respectively. However it still needs to improve to reach the minority ethnic representation target of seven per cent and to reflect better the proportion of women in the

The campaign so far, which has cost 7m pounds, produced 32,000 expressions of interest. The latest figures show that there are now some 125,500 police officers and this represents the largest increase in numbers for more than a decade. The target is to have 130,000 police officers in post by 2004.

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