Headlines: August 9th, 2001

E-Government Solutions (UK) Ltd. is bringing its 10 years experience in designing building and managing solutions for the public sector from the US to the UK. The parent company NIC, is the e-government market leader in the US and has the largest installed base of public sector e-procurement systems including a single marketplace servicing 1100 local government organisations. It has a portfolio of some 80 interactive service applications, many of which run in 23 US State portals.The company has appointed Ian Busby as its Chief Executive. He will drive the company’s growth in Europe with the aim of replicating the success of its parent company. He joins from Deloitte Consulting where he was a partner responsible for e-government and business-to-business marketplaces. Prior to joining Deloitte, he was the Divisional Director of consulting business at Capita, the UK’s principal business services company. The first ten years of his career were spent as a civil servant at the Ministry of Defence, the Political and Constitutional Planning Unit of the Northern Ireland Office and the Government of Australia.