Headlines: August 14th, 2001

The Government has put more flesh on its plans to introduce its literacy and numeracy regime into secondary schools.The special emphasis on the two disciplines has seen a demonstrable improvement in the test results of children at primary schools – OFSTED called it a ‘transformation’ in standards.

The Government has been warning for some time that it proposes to take the concept right up to the age of 14. Now DfES has said that when they go back to school next month 11-14 year olds will face a recommended minimum three hours English and maths each week, new teaching materials, new efforts to boost the teaching of gifted and talented pupils, and summer schools and extra lessons where needed.

There will also be new targets for schools to meet on these skills, set for 2004 and 2007.

The strategy was piloted in 205 schools across 17 Local Education Authorities last academic year.