Headlines: August 16th, 2001

Four streets in Manchester are beginning to see the fruits of a pioneering new scheme to breathe new life into rundown areas.Following extensive consultation with residents, street surfaces have been ripped up and replaced, street parking re-organised, and some houses knocked down to make way for green lawned areas where children can play.

Northmoor is an estate in the inner-city Manchester district of Longsight. It has 1400 high-
density terraced homes built in a grid pattern with on-street parking and limited play areas for children. The homes typically have no front gardens and small rear yards.

Following becoming one of nine Home Zone pilot projects in England and Wales, a dramatic change has been seen, with emphasis on calming traffic, and making the place feel and look more attractive.

Most of the work has now finished but the local authority has now begun the final phase – demolishing some houses in the middle of each terrace in order to create a green street through the area, which will provide lawned areas, play areas and walkways. A number of new three storey houses will be built, overlooking the green streets and providing natural surveillance.

The other eight pilots are Morice Town, Plymouth; The Methleys, Leeds; Nobel Road Area, Nottingham; Cavell Way, Sittingbourne; New England, Peterborough; West Ealing; Holmewood, Lambeth; Magor Village, Monmouthshire.

The Government says that the experiences in Manchester and those of the other pilots will help other areas who want to bid to take part in an extension of the Home Zone pilots and for a share of 30 million pounds to bring about improvements.