Headlines: August 22nd, 2001

More frontline NHS staff such as practice nurses, GP’s and other primary care professionals are to be recruited as part of a 30 million pound package of extra investment to deliver better and faster care in Scotland’s 1,000 GP practices and health centres.The investment is aimed at improving access and waiting times for patients to see a local GP or nurse, enabling GP’s to spend more time with their patients, and to shift care and support to a local level for people with chronic diseases like asthma and diabetes, allowing many more patients to be treated close to their own homes.

The money will also fund re-organisation, with an enhanced role for frontline professionals working in local healthcare co-operatives (LHCCs). A new national Primary Care Modernisation Group has been tasked with producing proposals for future investment along the same lines as outlined above – with as much care as possible being conducted at or near people’s homes, and not in hospital…

The money announced by the Scottish Executive will be invested over the next three years, and will ease real pressures on primary care in the country.