Headlines: August 23rd, 2001

A Government agency and a local council have got together to make taxis a safer mode of transport.As from next month, would-be taxi drivers wanting to work in the area covered by Chiltern District Council in Buckinghamshire are to be assessed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) before being given licences to drive cabs.

Specially trained driving examiners will assess the ability of the applicants to drive safely and professionally. Successful candidates will receive a certificate of competence.

Taxi tests will be carried out at Aylesbury, Watford and High Wycombe driving test centres. The taxi test includes manoeuvres designed specifically with the taxi driver in mind and is set at a higher standard than the practical test for learner drivers.

Chiltern District Council has decided to introduce the new requirement as a safety measure and the DSA, fully funded from its charges, has been keen to take on the new business.

Link: www.driving-tests.co.uk