Headlines: September 6th, 2001

Research into the pilot Urban Regeneration Companies (URCs) indicates they are set to become a powerful tool in regenerating towns and cities.AMION Consulting undertook research for the DTLR to find out what real progress has been made by pilot companies in Liverpool, Sheffield and Manchester.

It finds that the approach taken by the companies, Liverpool Vision, Sheffield One and New East Manchester offers “significant potential to better co-ordinate and focus physical and economic regeneration in specific areas.”

The job of the URCs is to bring together existing agencies to plan projects together so that regeneration money is spent in a joined up way.

The report found that the existence of the URCs has led to greater confidence about investing from the private sector and represented a major development in regeneration policy, capable of adaptation for other areas where there is significant derelict or under-used land and property.

The successes of the three pathfinders will be a positive boost to plans to set up 12 more regeneration companies, as promised in the Urban White Paper. The go-ahead has already been given to schemes in Corby, Leicester, Sunderland and Tees Valley.

The full report “Urban Regeneration Companies – Learning the Lessons” is on the DTLR website at: www.dtlr.gov.uk