Headlines: September 7th, 2001

The Centre for Policy Studies has condemned the information ‘black hole’ which compounds the UK’s problems with the asylum seeker issue.The right of centre organisation has condemned the state’s grip on the problem, with no clear idea how many people are entering the country each year, how they get in, where they go on arrival and how many leave.

A new report, Welcome to the Asylum, also highlights how no one knows how many rejected asylum applicants are still illegally resident in the UK.

It says that immigration officials are easing back on the issue in order to relieve pressure on the Home Office, that the Immigration and Nationality Directorate at Croydon is in chaos, with a failed computer system and officials finding it impossible to verify claims of persecution.

The report is not anti-asylym seeker, in that it also points out how a lack of joined up effort is failing asylum seekers most of all – with immigrants being forced to depend on criminal gangs for help, and for incomers falling into slavery, child labour and sex abuse.

It says such refugees face harsh inequalities compared with the rest of society and will be unable to realise their potential to contribute to the country’s wealth creation and development – even though for most of them their potential for finding work is a much more significant driver than the desire to milk benefits.

The report calls for a wholesale review into immigration policy and some creative thinking on questions like who should be offered asylum and who not, what form of economic migration are we prepared to accept, and how to ensure the Government, not criminal gangs, control entry to the UK.
Link: www.cps.org.uk