Headlines: September 10th, 2001

For the people living in pollution-blighted areas unswept streets and litter causes more concern than the issues that usually concern environmentalists, according to a new survey.The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) studied attitudes to the environment among groups in an inner city district of Glasgow; an estate close to busy roads in London’s East End; and a former mining village overlooked by a chemical plant in North Wales.

The report was conducted as part of a bigger project the JRF is undertaking which attempts to reconcile environmental and social concerns.

Rainforests are a long way from here’ shows how people struggle to take on board the need to campaign for environmentally sound surroundings when they feel they have more pressing needs.

Environmental problems on their doorsteps were accepted as a local fact of life – and most felt their quality of life would be improved not be removing their local major pollutant, but by cleaning up buildings, derelict sites and streets.

The report is available in full for 12.95 pounds from JRF or a summary can be found online at www.jrf.org.uk