Headlines: September 12th, 2001

Claims that the Civil Service is changing its image, becoming more outward looking and taking in new blood, have taken a blow with the appointment of an insider to a top Cabinet Office job. Paul Britton, who has spent the majority of his career in the Department of the Environment, is to be the next Head of Economic and Domestic Affairs Secretariat in the Cabinet Office.The post, which carries a salary in the range of 77,635 – 116,904 pounds was only advertised within Whitehall. The four job applicants were interviewed by Sir Richard Wilson, Head of the Civil Service and Sir Joseph Pilling. Paul Britton, who was educated at Clifton College and Magdalene College, Cambridge, served as Deputy Head of the Economic and Domestic Secretariat in 1998.

The appointment of Susan Thomas from local government as Director of Corporate Services at the then Department for Education and Employment in October 2000 appeared to mark the start of a new approach to filling top Whitehall jobs. But this appointment and the earlier move of a career civil servant into the top job in the Home Office has shown that recruitment policy has only changed marginally