Headlines: September 12th, 2001

The Home Secretary, David Blunkett, has signaled a softening of the boundary surrounding the policing of the UK. He wants to see an increasing use of what he describes as ‘the extended police family’ in tackling anti-social behaviour. This family would include neighbourhood wardens and security staff of private organizations. He stressed that they need to be properly co-ordinated by the police, working at the centre of a wider strategy for reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. The response from the Police Federation was that this is a step too far.Other reform measures announced by David Blunkett include the setting up of a senior appointments panel to ensure that there is a better process to co- ordinate senior appointments and succession planning and career development for the senior levels. The accelerated promotion schemes will be replaced by a new fast track leadership development programme, which will be open to high fliers from both inside and outside the service. The aim of the new programme is that people with ability will be able to progress from constable to superintendent in five years rather than the 15 years of the current system.

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