Headlines: September 17th, 2001

Only 49 per cent of the workforce look forward to going to work on an average day in the UK, according to the first report from the British Workplace Representation and Participation Survey. A comparable study of the US workforce found that 66 per cent of workers look forward to going to work.The extensive poll of workers and their attitudes to their job, trade unions and their employer found that one in ten of the workforce say they work very hard on jobs they do not enjoy and to which they do not look forward. The biggest complaint of the people surveyed is preferential treatment by management. This is closely followed by unfair wages.

Almost half the workforce are now paid in some way that relates to their employer’s performance.

The survey also looked at attitudes to union membership. It found that two in three of non-union members agree that ‘strong trade unions are needed to protect working conditions and wages’. Only one in five think ‘unions have no future in modern Britain’.