Headlines: September 20th, 2001

A new network for ethnic minority civil servants will provide a joined up forum for race equality issues across the Civil Service.The Prime Minister has approved the forum, set up by departmental groups from across Government.

The network’s chair, Rob Neil, is based in the Lord Chancellor’s Department. He said: ‘For the first time, ethnic minority staff from across the Civil Service will be able to speak as one on issues that concern them. This is as much about giving confidence to minority groups within the service as it is about having an open door to senior managers.’

A new website will link ethnic minority staff across government departments by giving information about the network. The group will also look for best practice in individual departments and also hopes to advise officials setting up diversity initiatives.

Private sector practice will also inform its work and contact has been made with Lloyds/TSB and BT, both of whom have ethnic minority networks.

Members of the network will act as mentors to other staff.