Headlines: September 21st, 2001

Rather as Publicnet provides an alerting service for managers in the public sector, the National Electronic Library for Health (NeLH) and British Library have just launched a new specialist alerting service for health professionals in the NHS.NHS staff now have access to zetoc, which contains information from more than 20,000 scientific journals.

zetoc can be used anywhere with an NHSnet connection, or via the Internet from any pc. Access outside of NHSnet is managed by the Athens authentication system and NHS staff register for a username and password through the NeLH.

The Athens authentication system acts as a trusted third party between publishers and users, giving publishers assurance that only eligible users have access to databases.

zetoc enables NHS staff to keep up to date with new journal articles across a range of disciplines. As well as providing a search facility, zetoc also includes an alerting service, using e-mail to notify NHS staff of journal articles as they are published, sometimes as soon as 72 hours after publication. zetoc, created and delivered by the British Library, is also available to health specialists in the further and higher education sectors.

Link: www.nelh.nhs.uk