Headlines: September 26th, 2001

Staff at Inland Revenue have rejected 4.3 per cent pay offer by a large majority. The Public and Commercial Services Union is now urging them to make Friday 28 September a day of protest. Rather than taking strike action the Union wants the protest day to be fun by bringing friends and colleagues together in every office.Union advice for the day is to hold an office protest party at lunchtime or after work. As a symbol of solidarity, staff are asked to shake hands with everyone in their section when they arrive, go to lunch or at the party and when they go home. The Union also suggests that staff should wear casual dress with jeans on and ties off. Colour co-ordination would add weight to the protest by all members of an office wearing the same colour. Black is the most popular choice. The local media are to be invited the parties to photograph the tax workers happy protest.

The Union is campaigning for a return to national civil service pay bargaining. Currently the Treasury decides the size of the salary bill but gives Departments and Agencies freedom to make pay awards to support their personnel strategies. The Inland Revenue pay offer provides a low basic increase with greater rewards for performance, particularly for top performing teams. Long serving staff without a higher performance rating will gain least from the pay offe