Headlines: September 28th, 2001

The poorest neighbourhoods will soon be able to express their concerns and ideas directly to the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit in the DTLR through a Community Forum. The Forum will act as a two-way channel of information enabling the people that know what is happening on the ground to influence the Government’s understanding of what works best. It will also help Government share its renewal ideas with a wider audience.A recruitment drive has been launched to find twenty individuals to form the Forum which will be chaired by the head of the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit. The adverts call for people from all walks of life, with skills and experience of living and working in England’s deprived areas. The Forum needs people who can bring a frank voice and constructive approach to the job of making neighbourhood renewal work.

The Forum will act as a catalyst for exchanging ideas on best practice and bring practical experience to influence the decision making. It is seen as a key development in bringing together Government and people working at the front-line of regeneration. The Forum members will be expected to help explain about what the Renewal Unit is doing to deliver lasting change to neglected neighbourhoods. They will also have the task of publicising tools that are available to help communities sign up to this process.

The Forum will meet at least four times a year and members may also be asked to assist the Renewal Unit with specific projects. Forum members will be paid for their time as well as having their expenses covered.

For further information and an application form, which should be returned by Friday 2 November 2001, contact : Succession Planning Associates P O Box 31007, London SW1W 9WX <http://www.SPA-UK.com