Headlines: October 11th, 2001

Ian Duncan Smith, the new leader of the Conservative Party, wants a coalition of charities, churches and public and private sectors to deliver better results across public services. He said that the greatest mission of the Party at home over the coming years is to assemble this coalition and use the best of British invention, enterprise and energy.He pointed out that European countries enjoyed better health and education services than the UK and said that they would examine all models of services throughout the world as well as draw on expert opinion in this country. The Shadow Cabinet will visit other countries to see why it is that their public services are better than those in the UK. They will consult those who run public services as well as those who rely on them.

The expectations of people on the receiving end of public services have risen and he argued that the higher standards could only be met by people on the ground, not by officials in Whitehall. He said that European neighbours enjoy better schools and hospitals because they put the needs of their people before the demands of dogma and he urged that the UK does the same.