Headlines: October 19th, 2001

BT has announced that it is to form a partnership with a major e-government specialist firm from Canada.It is hoping that the world leader’s expertise will help it secure more business with local government in the UK.

The deal was announced at the conference of SOLACE, the organisation for senior officers in local government, which has been holding its events this week at BT’s prestige research and development base in Ipswich (See Publicnet Briefing, Wednesday October 17).

In Canada, CGI has distinguished itself as a leader in assisting both federal and provincial governments to provide better services by creating a secure ‘single-window’ access for citizens to government services. According to a recent study, Canada was selected as the world leader in electronic government initiatives.

BT and CGI will create a g-commerce lab in the UK, linking in with the successful Canadian model. The job of the lab is to provide integrated service delivery solutions tailored to the need of the council or councils for whom it is working.

Local Government is big business for BT – a recent Kable survey found it to be the number one partner chosen by local councils tackling e-government projects.