Headlines: October 23rd, 2001

A right wing think tank has produced a critical report on the DTI, saying that its confused agenda, in supporting both economic and social objectives, makes it ineffective.”A Department for Business: the DTI in the 21st century”, produced by the Centre for Policy Studies, has come out just ahead of the department’s own internal review.

It says that the DTI’s departmental expenditure limits are set to rise by 58 per cent in just two years to more than pounds 4,500 million, with the bulk of the money going on socially-directed projects to improve employability and to promote social inclusion.

The CPS says these tasks should not be within the remit of a Department for Business. The report offers instead as a model the US Department of Commerce – which operates on task-orientated remits, uses private-sector networks, delivers a better return for clients and taxpayers.

The report recommends that the social aspects of the DTI’s operations should be transferred out of the department. The departmental budget would fall from pounds 4,521 million to about pounds 2,850 million, but the DTI would then become exclusively a Department for Business, dedicated to supporting the competitiveness of the British economy.

Link: www.cps.org.uk