Headlines: October 29th, 2001

‘Beacon’ status has been awarded to a second tranche of national government organisations and an NHS trust.The scheme recognises organisations offering innovative or high quality service that others could learn from. Already common in local government and in schools, the scheme was introduced to national government organisations as a result of the 1999 Modernising Government white paper.

The aim is to encourage organisations already proven to be doing well by being Charter Mark holders or high-scoring users of the Business Excellence Model to stage open days for peer organisations.

Sixteen more organisations have joined the existing 23, and will stay beacons for two years.

The new beacons reflect the themes of partnership working, such as in the collaboration between the Prison Service, the Police and schools on crime prevention and rehabilitation projects, and effective ‘e-strategy’, such as a single multi-agency website focussed on the needs of job-seekers in Fife.

Other themes include business planning and leadership.

New beacons include the Business Development Centre at of Inland Revenue Business Services at Telford, Burnley Health Care NHS Trust Child Health Directorate, the Office for National Statistics, Consumer Prices & General Inflation Division (London), and HMP Peterhead.

Link to the Central Government Beacon scheme: www.cgbs.org.uk.