Headlines: October 30th, 2001

Chief executives, directors and heads of department from councils across the UK will soon benefit from personal coaching. The scheme has been devised by the Improvement and Development Agency and will be launched at a conference next week on the theme of Exploring the Leadership Challenge.The coaching scheme is a response to the fast evolving local government environment that is placing severe demands on personal effectiveness. The skills which are becoming increasingly important are developing effective community leadership and managing multiple and radically contrasting stakeholder relationships.

The IDeA has brought together some of the country’s leading management coaching specialists to offer an individually focused service which guarantees quality, relevance and value for money. Six companies have been selected to work on the programme: Barnes Kavelle, The Colosseum, The Human Dimension, Management Futures, Penna and SOLACE Enterprises.

Coaching is viewed as a most cost effective way of developing managers because the coach can get straight to the nub of the issues and the learning is immediately pertinent to the job. Coaching programmes will be tailored to the specific needs of each council, with coaches selected to best deliver each programme.

Link: National Coaching Partnership www.idea.gov.uk   <http://www.idea.gov.uk>