Headlines: October 30th, 2001

The National College for School Leadership wants views on its groundbreaking proposals for the transformation of leadership in England’s schools. In its Leadership Development Framework the College has outlined a comprehensive plan that will ensure a continual programme of training and development throughout a school leader’s career. The framework is the result of lengthy consultation with the profession and other key educational organisations.The framework, which is the first major document the College has issued since its launch last November, provides for the different stages of leadership. It ranges from teachers taking on their first management responsibilities through to able and experienced leaders who are ready to take on training or mentoring roles. This framework is designed to be the backbone for leadership development in schools.

Masterclasses in leadership will be available with well-known figures such as Mike Tomlinson (OFSTED) and Greg Dyke (BBC). In addition the College highlights its commitment to the principle of blended learning, which combines face-to-face, private and e-learning.

Link: Leadership Development Framework www.ncsl.org.uk/ldf   <http://www.ncsl.org.uk/ldf