Headlines: November 6th, 2001

The Department for Transport Local Government and the Regions has responded to the widespread concern about the Best Value regime with a proposal to reduce by 25% the number of indicators used to measure how well councils are doing. This will bring to about 100 the number larger councils have to use and to 50 for the others. Since Best Value was launched two years ago
indicators will have been reduced by 50%. Responses to the proposals are required by December and this date is in line with the timetable for the Best Value review led by Local Government Minister Nick Raynsford, due for completion at the end of December.

The indicators to be axed were selected because they are either too focused on inputs and not on results, not good predictors of high performance, they already collected elsewhere or they too poorly defined to accurately measure performance. Among the casualties are the number of complaints classified as maladministration, individual Schools Budget as a percentage of Local Schools Budget and percentage of rent lost through local authority dwellings becoming vacant.