Headlines: November 7th, 2001

Senior public service leaders spent a day on a bus to get a first hand grasp of the London BusPlus partnership. They investigated the aims, challenges and solutions being addressed by the partnership. The investigation was an important part of the Leaders in Partnership programme organized by the Centre for Management and Policy Studies.The CMPS programme is designed to bring together public sector leaders from the civil service, local government, the NHS, the police, education and the voluntary sectors. The passengers on this bus included a Deputy Chief Constable, the Director for Qualifications and Young People of the Department for Education and Skills and a Chief Executive and a Director of Environmental Services from local government.

The BusPlus partnership was selected as a case study, because it involves joint working with Transport for London, the bus operators, London’s local authorities, and the Metropolitan and City of London police forces. Case studies lie at the heart of the week-long Leaders in Partnership programme. The day-long Leaders in Partnership case study included introductory briefings on the London Mayor’s Transport Strategy and BusPlus initiatives by the London Bus Initiative Programme Director.

The aim of the CMPS programme is to support the leadership of public service organizations by developing mutual understanding and trust between those leading the different parts of the public sector and exploring issues such as culture change, risk, accountability, the balance between regulation and trust and relationships between the center and those who deliver locally. It also enables leaders to place their organizational challenges within a broader context and promotes open and fresh thinking on policy and implementation.