Headlines: November 12th, 2001

The Institute of Public Finance has come to the aid of those who are struggling to find a way through the maze of e-governments organizations and processes with an ‘e-Government Route Map’. It sets out for the first time who does what, who reports to whom, and how the different parts of central government relate to each other. Because e-Government is evolving so rapidly the Institute describes the Route Map as framework within which a detailed picture of central government, committees and individuals, can be presented in the future. Future editions will address e-Government activities and structures on a multi-sectoral basis.The Route Map is the first publication of the newly formed e-Government Forum, launched by the Institute on 1 November 2001. It will act as an independent body in promoting the development of best practice in the formulation and implementation of e-Government. It aims to inform and enable the transformation of public service delivery in Britain. In January Paul Jackson from the School of Business and Management, Brunel University, will take up the post of Forum manager. Whilst at Brunel he created an international forum that brought together USA and UK e-Government champions.

Link: www.ipf.co.uk/egovernment.