Headlines: November 14th, 2001

Local councils will hear today (Wednesday, November 14) that cultural services such as leisure and arts classes lie not at the fringes but at the heart of poverty and social exclusion initiatives such as neighbourhood renewal and of modernisation initiatives such as local strategic partnerships and community plansThe Local Government Association (LGA) has set up a conference at its premises in Smith Square, London to showcase a new toolkit which promises to assist authorities in providing more socially inclusive culture and leisure services.

The toolkit, put together over the summer with the help of trailblazing councils, offers practical tips on making cultural services more affordable, accessible and appropriate for groups often excluded from access to mainstream council services.

It also looks at ways to fund this work. Delegates will be given an advance copy of the kit.

Speakers will offer innovative examples of good practice across a range of authority structures and other sectors. They include Marcus Bell, Deputy Director of the Social Exclusion Unit, and Pam Usher, Head of Cultural Services at the London Borough of Barnet.

Link: www.lga.gov.uk.