Headlines: November 15th, 2001

An eight million pound research project is to look at how best to react to one of the successes of the NHS and other positive features of modern living – a much larger older population.It will pump money into three pioneering projects examining what works best to aid the active recovery and rehabilitation of older people, keeping them independent for longer.

Of the investment, two million pounds will be used to evaluate intermediate care services for older people – these help older people to remain independent in their own homes.

The Department of Health announcement follows statistics which show steady increases in the numbers of older age groups. Since the early 1930s, the number of people over 65 has more than doubled and this figure is expected to increase further over the next 30 years.

In March, the Government published the National Service Framework for Older People – the first comprehensive strategy to ensure fair, high quality, integrated health and social care services for older people.