Headlines: November 19th, 2001

There’s good and bad news for the public sector in a new survey of salaries and conditions for people working in IT.The National Computing Centre Survey of Salaries and Staff Issues 2002 shows that the public sector is still offering the poorest rewards to IT staff. But it also shows that the massive increases year on year in demand for IT people across all sectors – which have led to a drain on the public sector – is levelling off.

Measures of IT labour market activity during the past year, such as the numbers of IT staff leaving and joining, show very little change on the previous year. The predicted demand for IT staff over the next two years are also slightly lower than last year.

People who responded to the survey report that they do not think they are as short of IT staff as they have been in previous years. In more than three-quarters of cases, internal training of existing staff was favoured as the means of acquiring new skills. Organisations are beginning to get the message that meeting the specific skills shortage begins with developing their own staff.

IT is still shown to be the highest paying sector overall. Lowest paying sectors are Government, Health and Education. In contrast to managers in the IT sector, managers in Government are paid at 13% below the sample average.

Link: www.ncc.co.uk