Headlines: November 20th, 2001

An increasing number of local councils are adopting electronic services and changing they way they meet the needs of their customers. Liverpool City Council has move into the position of a showcase authority demonstrating how an across the board approach to change can bring results. The Council is developing a network of 11 One-Stop shops throughout the city to deliver joined-up services under a single roof. It uses the latest technology to deliver improved services through a joint venture partnership with BT and has recently signed a 6 million pound deal with Oracle for a Customer Relationship Management application. Its status as a local government showcase was confirmed by a visit from top civil servant, Sir Richard Wilson, who wanted to see how the modernizing government agenda is being taken forward locally.Birmingham and Canterbury City Councils plan to install software from Sunrise to help customers and staff get answers to their questions. The new system will give quick answers through web self-assistance, e-mail, on-line chat, or by contacting the customer service team by phone.

Suffolk County Council has installed a digital document and record management solution to allow electronic tendering. Bidders for many county council contracts may now apply for documents and complete and return tenders via e-mail into a locked and secure mailbox. Receipts are automatically generated so that bidding firms will know when their tender has been received by the council. The system has been provided by Valid Information Systems.

Warwick District Council has launched a project to provide citizens with a range of ways to communicate with the council. See feature ‘Electronic Door Opens in Warwick’.