Headlines: November 30th, 2001

The Employment Service’s commitment to the Government’s work life balance campaign has won it a prestigious award in the Employer of the Year Awards.The Employment Service won the public sector award for its acceptance that there are times in everyone’s life, not just those of parents, when life issues need to be accommodated.

Staff at Employment Services can make use of holiday play schemes and career break opportunities of up to five years for domestic responsibilities, plus opportunities for flexible and home working.

Chief Operating Officer Clare Dodgson chairs a work-life balance group to ensure national promotion of work-life balance issues, and a work-life balance toolkit has been issued to all managers.

The award is co-sponsored by Parents At Work, a charity which provides information and support to working parents and which works with employers, advising on and helping to implement work-life balance policies

Links: www.parentsatwork.org.uk  and www.dwp.gov.uk