Headlines: December 11th, 2001

The Government is claiming a major step forward in its campaign to harness ICT as a major driver of improvement with a new online package of education materials. The package also aims to ease the workload burden for teachers.Curriculum Online is the result of a partnership between Government, broadcasters and software producers to provide materials for every curriculum subject.

The new service promises new and interesting learning materials brought to teachers and pupils’ fingertips, enabling learning to become more flexible.

The new service will offer more ready-made lesson materials over the internet, saving teacher preparation time, offer one-to-one support through the internet and individualised learning that lets the more able progress at a quicker pace and motivates and supports less able pupils.

Curriculum Online components include:

– a web ‘shop’ with online curriculum resources including a library of e-learning materials, access to commercial products for school purchase, including a guide to the best by teachers for teachers,

– money for schools to buy digital curriculum resources,

– plans to help teachers deliver individual lessons and also whole programmes of work, with content supervised by an advisory panel

– accessible to parents as well as teachers.

The Government is making fifty million pounds available to schools to spend on Curriculum Online in the academic year 2002/03. Consultation ahead of Curriculum Online was carried out between April and July this year. Copies of the consultation and a report on responses are at  www.dfes.gov.uk/consultations/