Headlines: December 12th, 2001

A new report suggests that at delivery level, education and health services are modernising to meet the needs of today’s women.Access to teachers by email, out-of-hours school clubs and self-rostering for nurses are among the initiatives making a difference to their busy lives and which they want to see more of, says Better Services, Better Working Lives.

The report is from the Women and Equality Unit in the Cabinet Office, and reflects on how although over three quarters of NHS staff and two thirds of teachers are women, the provision of health and education services is structured along the model of mothers staying at home, which is no longer true for most families.

It is also more likely to be women who drop their children off at school and take them to the doctors.

The Government acknowledges then that women’s experiences and views offer an important barometer of how well services are being delivered.

The report offers examples of how teachers, nurses and doctors are meeting needs at local level and are committed to extending good practice up and down the country.

To find out more on those examples of good practice, find Better Services, Better Working Lives at www.womenandequalityunit.gov.uk