Headlines: December 18th, 2001

Pay awards at twice the rate of inflation have been offered to NHS staff to boost recruitment and to encourage staff to stay in the health service and give better value for money for the expensive training they receive. In addition to a flat rate increase of 3.6% for hospital doctors, nurses, dentists and other health service workers, there are additional increases to ease particular shortages and to support policy initiatives.The new pay scales will take consultants up to 68,000 pounds with those at the top of the scale earning up to 133,000 pounds. Nurses’ pay will move up to 20,000 pounds.

Additional increases go to general practitioners who will receive an extra 1% on top of the 3.6% and to trainee GPs who will receive a total increase of 19.5%. This will bring the pay of GPs up to 59,000 pounds. The increase is to encourage more doctors to opt for a career in primary care. Senior House Officers in hospitals will see an increase of 8.8%.Newly qualified physiotherapists, radiographers and occupational therapists will get a pay rise of around 7.5%. Staff appointed to the newly created nurse consultant posts will receive an increase amounting to 6.6% pushing up their pay beyond 32,000 pounds. Some 40,000 of the lowest paid nursing auxiliaries will get an increase of up to 4.3%.

The increases fully implement the recommendations of the pay review bodies.