Headlines: December 19th, 2001

The Gateway review system introduced earlier in the year for all major complex central government procurement projects across construction, IT and property management, has been supplemented by a business test. Projects must now meet all the criteria in the Gate Zero test before they can proceed to the Gateway. The Gateway is made up from five stages in the project process, starting with the business case through to identifying benefits.Gate Zero is a technique which tests the viability of projects at inception. The benefits claimed are that it ensures firm user and stakeholder support, that the project is in line with government strategy
and that resources are actually available. Failure to address these issues in the past has contributed to the many project disasters.

In a further move to improve the management of major projects the Office for Government Commerce has introduced two new schemes for senior managers. The Centre for Management and Policy Studies will mount a Masterclass with specialist tuition. A mentoring scheme will also be introduced where independent specialists in the field of the project will partner the senior project managers.