Headlines: December 20th, 2001

Accenture, Biomni and CapGemini Ernst & Young have launched pilot projects as part of the Office for Government Commerce e-procurement research programme. The purpose of the e-pilots contracts, which will run until 31 July 2002, is to establish government as an intelligent customer and successful user of e- procurement. They will look at key areas affecting the implementation of e-procurement processes for both government and supplier market places. On the government side this will encompass areas of business change and process efficiencies within government, whilst on the supplier side it will address the needs of the supplier base and e-system solution providers.Accenture, working with software partners Ariba and Epylon, will be implementing “buyn@w” on an Application Service Provider basis to the National Assembly for Wales, and providing a separate “Enterprise” basis for the Police IT Organisation.

Biomni will be implementing their Directa e-procurement solution on a collaborative, hosted basis to the Driving Standards Agency, Department for Trade and Industry and Food Standards Agency. In addition, Biomni will be implementing an intranet-based Directa solution for the Council for Central Laboratory of the Research Council.

Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, working with Elcom Systems Ltd, a subsidiary of Elcom International Inc, will be implementing PECOS on an Application Service Provider basis to the Environment Agency.

French Thornton has been commissioned to observe the progress of each of the e-pilots, extract lessons learned and identify best practice. The findings will be published in two interim reports and a final report to be published in July 2002.