Headlines: December 21st, 2001

Local councils in the UK, regardless of their size, will each receive 200,000 pounds in April 2002 to help them deliver improved services using new technology. They will also receive the same amount in the following two years, but only if they can demonstrate that they have made good progress and used the first tranche of money to good effect.The recently published Local Government White Paper Strong Local Leadership sets out a vision of partnership working, both between local councils and with other bodies in the private, public and voluntary sectors. The DTLR is seeking further evidence of how partnerships will contribute to delivering joined up, e.enabled services and details will be announced in the New year about additional funding that will be made available to partnships.

Early in the New Year the DTLR will start consultation on a draft national Local Government Online strategy. This will set out the Government’s vision for e-enabled and joined up government services delivered locally. The draft will describe the building blocks for e-government and outline action at national, regional and local level to help support all councils meet the Government’s 2005 target.