Headlines: January 7th, 2002

At the start of a defining year for public services, the TUC has set out its vision of what partnership means.Its report, Partnership Works, is primarily looking at the partnerships that can work for the benefit of employer and employee, and it draws on some of the ‘grown-up’ partnership agreements it hss helped shape in NHS hospitals, local government agencies, NGOs and government departments.

The report concludes that when bosses and employees work together in partnership businesses increase productivity, have less staff turnover and less sickness absence.

The TUC has drawn up six key principles that make up a meaningful partnership agreement. They read similar to advice now being given elsewhere to public sector managers seeking partnerships with the private sector –

– joint commitment to success of the enterprise.

– unions and employers recognising each other’s legitimate interests and resolving difference in an atmosphere of trust.

– commitment to employment security.

– focus on the quality of working life.

– transparency and sharing information.

– mutual gains for both partners

Partnership Works can be found on the web at www.tuc.org.uk/partnership/tuc-4130-f0.cfm

For more on the TUC Partnership Institute see www.tuc.org.uk/pi