Headlines: January 11th, 2002

The Department of Health has announced more approvals for private investment in NHS facilities. Pathology and GP surgeries will receive new facilities as a result of the latest projects.The Teespath pathology initiative in Teesside and the Pathlinks programme in Lincolnshire will be the first to benefit. They will receive better computer systems, updated clinical equipment and modernised buildings. The Government has earmarked 1.82 million pounds for Teespath and 2 million for Pathlinks. As well as the infrastructure built with private finance, both projects could be brought into commission by private companies.

The government has allocated a further 2 million pounds each of government to go to other projects in Leeds, Bradford and London.

NHS LIFT schemes, which develop partnerships with the private sector to build and refurbish GP premises, will also be expanded to an extra 12 areas across England.

These are in addition to six regions announced in February 2001.

Link: www.doh.gov.uk/pfi/