Headlines: January 15th, 2002

The career of senior civil servants is no longer a simple vertical ladder up which they steadily progresses rung by rung. Career milestones are marked by a broader and more complex set of rewards than just promotion. The Centre for Management and Policy Studies has responded to this challenging situation by providing a 111 page on-line Route Map Guide which helps those in the top echelons of the civil service to take control of their own career so that it becomes a rich, varied and enjoyable experience.

The Guide invites users to define their career goals and identify development needs for the current post and for the next post. It offers options for the current phase of the career they are in, such as exploration, establishment, maintenance, disengagement. It poses questions such as: Do you want to build on a particular area of expertise? Do you want to broaden your experience beyond your parent Department? The final section of the Guide sets out a structured process for users to plan either their current job or longer-term career development. It also has a section for implementing development action. Users of the Guide are reminded that: ‘Unless you find your own way, you can only reach someone else’s destination.’

Link: http://routemap.cmps.gov.uk/content/Home/home005.html