Headlines: January 22nd, 2002

The Local Government Association is lobbying for better balance between the amount spent on inspecting local government and the amount spent trying to improve it.Ahead of the next spending review, it points to the twelve million pounds the government allocates to the sector’s Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA), and the 600 million pound cost of inspecting councils.

LGA leaders say the horse won’t run faster just because you measure it.

They’re also fed up of the imbalance in the improvement money going into local government, as above, and the 140 million pound improvement budget of the NHS Modernisation Agency.

The organisation predicts that the forthcoming spending review will provide the first litmus test on the Government promise in the recent local government white paper to free the sector from central controls and regulations.

The LGA is looking for a move away from specific grants and earmarked resources.

Link: www.lga.gov.uk