Headlines: January 28th, 2002

And Police Forces have also been told that they ‘must do better’ at consulting their communities on crime. The second round of crime and disorder strategies is about to be drawn up jointly by police and local councils as a way of encouraging co-ordinated crime prevention.There are 376 Crime and Disorder Partnerships across England and Wales, who each drew up their first such strategy in 1999. All have been reminded that they must consult widely with all key stakeholders and their local community when they conduct an initial audit of crime and disorder in their area.

The Home Office is indicating it would like a better level of consultation than first time around, when it describes some efforts as ‘patchy’.

It has published a report; ‘Consultation by Crime and Disorder Partnerships’, examining the consultation undertaken in the first round. It indicates the range of consultation undertaken and also makes recommendations for how partnerships could tackle consultation in the future.

There’s also a supplementary report on consulting with ‘hard to reach’ groups such as young people.’Hard to Reach Young People and Community Safety: A Model for Participatory Research and Consultation’, says that most previous crime audits concentrated on young people mainly as offenders, and few strategies addressed their victimisation, safety, or participation.

The reports are available on the Home Office website at