Headlines: January 31st, 2002

People acting in an anti social way and causing harassment, alarm or distress are going to find life more difficult. Currently the police or local council can apply to magistrates for an Anti Social Behaviour Order which is a preventive measure placing restrictions on the subject such as a curfew. The orders work in the same way as an injunction and breeching them becomes a criminal offence.Under new proposals there will be a fast track to civil legal action against those committing disorder in the community. An interim order will be introduced to allow immediate action to be taken before going through the full process. This interim order would be made at the first court appearance and it would protect the community from a persistent offender without delay. To deal with the problem of people moving to other areas and resuming their anti-social behaviour, it is proposed that an order should travel with the person on whom it has been served

In a move to gain wider support for tackling anti social behaviour, registered social landlords and the British Transport Police will be brought into the prevention network. Landlords and local BT police will be able to apply for an order, but they must consult the local council and the police in the area where the bahaviour has occurred.

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