Headlines: February 4th, 2002

A task force with members from the public and privates sectors and academia has been set up to devise a strategy to look at how e-learning can enhance and improve learning opportunities for young people in colleges and lifelong learning. They will bring togetherrepresentatives from industry and education to discuss ideas in an informal setting and consult with other educational advisory bodies. The benefits of e-learning are being recognized in schools and a strategy is needed to create opportunities to benefit young people in colleges and lifelong learning.The focus will be on post-compulsory education, and higher education will be excluded. Through the use of multi-media it is hoped that ways can be found to widen participation, support students and staff, and raise educational standards.

The Task Force will explore ways of increasing participation through the use of e-learning, the potential for a personalised e-learning curriculum, flexible access and delivery to reflect individual choices. They will also look at the potential for work-based learning.