Headlines: February 11th, 2002

Major developments towards e-government continue to follow the partnership route. The Society of Local Authority Chief Executives has signed a three year partnership deal with BT. The main focus will be on taking forward the e-agenda and the development of knowledge and skills to embrace the changes facing the public sector.The immediate outcome of the partnership will be a series of regional workshops aimed at sharing the experiences from the first round of the Implementing e-Government statements which councils presented to the DTLR last year. The workshops will bring together the skills and expertise of the private and public sector to help in meeting the challenges of transforming organizations.

Blyth Valley Borough Council has formed a partnershiop with Anite Public Sector, a FTSE 250 European software and consultancy organization, to speed the introduction of e-Government in the North East. Under the eight year 4.6M pounds contract, Anite will provide a complete suite of applications as a managed service replacing legacy systems.

It is planned to link the Borough Council to Northumberland County Council’s data centre in a move to deliver joined-up government initiatives that will span county and district levels of local government

Under the partnership deal, Anite will provide an “e-champion” who will work alongside the authority in order to help develop the implementation strategies for their Implementing e-Government statement.