Headlines: February 13th, 2002

Latest figures from Oftel show that 63 per cent of small and medium sized businesses are now online, an increase from 55 per cent in May 2001.The quarterly study by the telecoms watchdog also shows that 36 per cent of all small and medium enterprises use more than one fixed telecoms supplier and one in three use an unmetered Internet access package.

It appears firms are increasingly getting to grips with the Government’s challenge to make the UK a leading e-commerce nation.

The UK online initiative, launched by the Prime Minister in September 2000, also aims to ensure that everyone who wants to should have access to the Internet by 2005, and to get all Government services online by the same deadline.

The Oftel survey also showed that almost two in three small and medium sized businesses use a mobile phone, a figure that has been steadily increasing for the past six months.

For more detail on the research, visit www.oftel.gov.uk/consumer/research/index.htm