Headlines: February 15th, 2002

Future leaders of the Police Service are to be identified and mentored through a High Potential Development Scheme (HPDS) launched by the Home Office.Successful candidates who show they have got what it takes and graduate from the scheme can expect to reach senior posts in the Police Service more quickly.

Potential candidates both outside the service and serving police officers, once they pass the scheme’s rigorous selection process, will be fast-tracked to top posts supported by a structured career framework to help them develop the necessary professional and personal skills.

The change is in line with the aspirations in the Government’s Police Reform Bill for better training for police officers to deliver the highest standards of performance.

The new HPDS replaces the previous Accelerated Promotion Scheme and will support, train and monitor candidates over a six year period, aiming to attract approximately 100 candidates a year.

Further information on the scheme can be found at www.policecouldyou.co.uk

The Police Reform Bill is on the web at www.policereform.gov.uk