Headlines: February 26th, 2002

The Government has announced its intention to press ahead with the reform of the Police Service despite overwhelming rejection of the pay and conditions part of the deal from serving officers.The Home Office is to put the pay and conditions into conciliation after failure to reach agreement with the Police Negotiating Board. It says that it will use the intervening time to convince rank and file officers that the new payment arrangements will eventually mean they are better off.

The Government wants to shift the emphasis in police pay away from attractive overtime and is offering extra cash for all officers, and special annual payments for those front line officers who currently achieve very good overtime payments. Overtime will still be available, but at a reduced rate.

This will leave managers more free to deploy officers as they want, rather than checking first that there’s money left in the overtime budget.

The Government has now issued new information to all police forces clarifying the benefits of the deal and requested that this be cascaded to officers through commanders of each police unit.

More information on the package is at www.policereform.gov.uk