Headlines: March 6th, 2002

The Prime Minister is to lobby public sector workers direct in his attempt to achieve modernisation.More than five thousand people working in the public sector will receive a copy of a pamphlet from Number 10 which is reported to set out the argument for tax rises to pay for an improved NHS and also the key practices which need to be modernised for success.

The pamphlet is about 30 pages long and although not due out until Thursday this week much of its content has been confirmed in journalist briefings.

The pamphlet will give a detailed explanation of how extra money might be used to modernise schools and hospitals and set out the case for national standards, more accountability, devolution of budgets and decision-making to frontline staff, the need for more flexible working, and greater choice for users.

It is also a response to the criticism Government has faced in recent weeks about the impact of criticism of the public sector on morale and recruitment.